Start your engines, getting started with Road Warrior is easy! Below are the first few steps to get you on your way.

STEP ONE: Add Stops

Enter Address

Click on the search button and begin to type an address. Once you type in at least 6 characters, results will display. Select the address by clicking on it. A box will pop up to let you visually confirm the address. Select Add Stop.

The search button is located in the top right hand corner.

Magnifying glass highlighted

Once you start typing, you can select an address from the suggestions list.

Auto Suggestions list Displayed

After you have entered the correct address, select the red pin to add this stop to your route.

Repeat this step for each of the Stops on your route.

If you start address is different from your current location, select the green flag to change your starting location.

Don’t know the address?

No problem! Just press and hold on the Map where you want your pin to be placed and click Add Stop. A red pin displays on the map to mark the Stop.

STEP TWO: Optimize

Once you've added all of your Stops, it's time to create your most efficient route! Click the Optimize button at the bottom of the map and Road Warrior's advanced algorithm will create the fastest route between the stops you've added, even taking into consideration current traffic conditions.

Optimize button highlighted

Click Optimize!

Once your route is optimized, a summary box will appear on the screen indicating:

  • total travel time (driving time)
  • the total time (driving time plus service time for each stop)
  • total distance

    Tap once on the screen to remove the summary box. Your summary info will still be available at the top of the map. Tapping on the map will remove the summary info from view while tapping again will bring it back.

In the example above, the route details are:

  • Travel Time (driving only) = 0 hours and 50 minutes
  • Total Time (driving time plus service time) = 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Total Distance = 28.0 miles

Route displayed with summary at top

Your route is displayed as a purple line between your stops.

Warrior Tip: The route path is designed to provide a high level overview of full route, but will not display turn-by-turn directions. Continue to Step Three to see how to use the Navigate button on each pin to get the exact details of how to drive to each stop.

STEP THREE: Navigate

Now that your route is calculated and displayed, it's time to drive to your first Stop!

Click on the first Stop on your route and select Navigate.

Navigate button highlighted

Your mapping app of choice will launch with the address pre-populated for navigation. The default is Google Maps and can be changed under Settings.

When you are ready to drive to your next Stop, close the map application and open Road Warrior to repeat the process.

Warrior Tip: The fastest way to move from your mapping app back to Road Warrior is to click your phone's back button a few times.


Now that you've got the basics, here's a few tricks to customize your route.

Save a Stop as a Favorite:

A Favorite is a Stop that you have saved for use in a future route. By saving a Stop as a Favorite, you'll be able to:

  • Add Availability for a recurring weekly schedule.
  • Set the pin color on the map.
  • Add Notes which contain a hashtag for searching and filtering.
  • Track ongoing Activity on that Favorite.

If you already have a Stop on your route, you can choose to save it as a a Favorite by clicking on the Stop and clicking the star icon in the top right corner.

Highlighting Star on existing stop

You can also add a Favorite while you are making a route by pressing and holding on the map where you would the Favorite to be and selecting "Add Favorite."

Map action Add New Favorite here

View and edit all your Favorites at the left-hand side bar under Favorites.

Menu Bar Favorites folder

Check In a Stop:

When you arrive at a stop, you can check in to the Stop to confirm that it is finished and keep track of your progress on the map.

To Check In a Stop, select the Stop and choose Check In.

Check in highlighted

The Stop pin now displays a check mark. This is useful for keeping track of which stops you have visited.

Check in Stop Pin

If the route is optimized again, the stop with a check mark will no longer be included in the route.

You can always remove the Check In by clicking on the Stop and selecting Restore.

Restore Button highighted

Your Check Ins are saved under Activity in the left hand side bar to allow you to keep track of your visits.

Activity Folder highlighted in menu

Warrior Tip: Don't forget, when you optimize a route, any already Checked in Stops will not display on the route.

Filter Displayed Favorites:

Once you have added all of your Stops and Favorites to your map, you may want to limit those that are displayed.

Go to the Filter icon at the top right of the map and check the box to enable filtering.

Filter button highlighted

This allows you several options to limit the Favorites that you will see on the map such as sliding your Distance from Start or using the drop down menu to choose from All stops & Favorites, Stops & Open Favorites, Active Stops Only, or Stops Only.

Drop Down Menu

You can also assign a customized field called Hashtags for further filtering. To use Hashtags for filtering, put a hashtag in the Notes section of your Favorite. Then, type that hashtag into the Hashtags section of the filter screen and make sure that the filter is enabled.

Hashtags Highlighted

Note that Stops on the active Route are always displayed. Also, if you set a Filter to Active Stops Only, any Checked In stops will not display.

Warrior Tip: Tag VIP customers as #VIP by typing #VIP in the notes section of those Favorites. Then, turn on the filter and type #VIP in the hashtag section of the Filter screen to display them.

Learn about more advanced ways to set up custom filtering here.

View Stops as a List

On the left hand side menu, you have the option to view your route on the map (Map View) or as a list (List View).

Main Menu view

You can also toggle back and forth between Map View and List view using the icon at the lower left of those screens.

Toggle Button Highlighted

In the List View, click on a Stop to remove it from the route or access the other options available for a Stop.

Selected stop in list View

Remember that filters apply to both the List View and Map View.

Warrior Tip: If you have multiple Stops at the same location (e.g., an apartment building) it can be convenient to review them in List View. On the Map View, locations with more than one Stop will have a dash to indicate multiple Stops at the same location. In the image above, the Stop pin is indicating that both Stops 2 and 3 are at the same location.

Multiple Stops pin

Round Trip

If you want to set your trip to end in the same location as the start, you can edit your route to make it a round trip.

From the Map View or List View click the i icon on the lower right and click Edit.

Edit Route selected

Then, click the "Is Round Trip" button.

Round Trip selected

Your green start flag will appear with a checkerboard background to indicate that the route is a roundtrip.

Round Trip Flag

Mark First

You can specify which Stop must be the first on the route by marking the pin as Mark First.

Simply click on the pin and select Mark First.

Mark First in menu

The pin will display with a green center to indicate it is selected as the first stop.

Marked First pin

Mark Final

You can specify which Stop must be the last on the route by marking the pin as Final.

Simply click on the pin and select Mark Final.

Mark Final Menu

The pin will display with a checkerboard pattern to indicate it is selected as the final stop.

Mark Final Pin

Warrior Warning:If you use the Mark Final on a Stop, you won't be able to add a Schedule or add a Drop Stop.

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