Road Warrior allows you to save multiple routes and manage various route options. Check out these tips to maximize your use of routes.

Create New Route

You can easily create a new route from the Map View or List View by clicking on the New Route button at the bottom left of the screen.

New Route Button

Or, navigate to the Routes tab of left hand menu bar and click New Route at the bottom of the screen.

Main Menu of Routes

Routes Menu New Route

Your Routes are always saved! When you create a New Route, your "old route" is automatically saved and you will see it listed under the Routes section of the left hand menu bar. If you did not name your route, the route name automatically saves as: 'Route'. For example, a route created on May 10th, 2017 will be displayed as: Route 2017.05.10.

Choose Your Route

The Open route is the route that is displayed in the Planner List View/Map View.

To change the open route, select Routes in the left hand side bar. The active route is always at the top, and indicated by the bold font for the name.

Open route bolded at top

To open a different route, click on another route's name, and then tap the Open button in the route popup.

Open route button

To delete a route or access more options, click on the delete button in the popup.

Route Menu

There must always be an open route, so you can’t delete the open route. If you wish to delete the route that is currently open, first set a different route to open.

Copy Route

If you use the same route often and you use the Check In feature, you’ll want to have a route free of Check Ins the next time you need to travel that route. The Copy feature is the best way to achieve this. A Copy of a route will keep your stops and settings, but it will not have stops checked in. This also allows you to keep track of your routes and activity for each route.

Copy Route Menu

To copy a route go to the Routes menu, click a route, and select Copy Route.

Share Route

You can share the list of Stops on your route as a text file by email and other apps that accept text files (Ex., Evernote).

Share Routes Menu

Go to the Routes menu, click on a route, and select Share Route.

Please note that there is not a way to share routes with other Road Warrior users with Basic or Pro. If you are interested in sharing routes with other Road Warrior users, please check out Team RoadWarrior