RoadWarrior's Filtering tool allows you to filter Favorites and Stops based on preset options or your own custom requirements.

Why might you want to filter?

"I have so many favorites that my map looks cluttered with pins."

"Some days I only want to view current customers, not prospects."

"I only want to see locations that are open today."

Basic Filters

To activate a Filter, tap the Filter icon at the top right of the screen. Depending on which you want to filter away, tap either the Stop or Favorite Filter tab.

Filter Button

Filter Options

Hide All: hides all Stops/Favorites.

Text Match: filters by words in a name or address. Only Stops/Favorites with the matching text will show.

Status: filters out inactive Stops/Favorites. For Stops, selecting Active hides all Stops on your Route that are checked in, unreachable, or closed.
For Favorites, selecting Active hides all Favorites that are not open according to availability.

Distance: only shows Stops/Favorites within a certain distance of your Start Point.

Custom Filters using Hashtags

Create custom filters by adding hashtags the Notes section of your Favorites.

Warrior Tip: to access the Notes section of your Favorite, tap on a Favorite, then tap Edit. If you are editing a Favorite that is Stop on your current Route, tap on the Stop, then select View Favorite.)

Next, type that hashtag into the Hash Tags section of the filter screen, and make sure the filter is on.

For example, you might tag VIP customers by typing #VIP in the notes section of their Favorites. Then turn on the filter and type #VIP in the hashtag section of the Filter screen.

Edit Note

Hash Tag Filter

Multiple Hashtags

You can use multiple hashtags for more advanced filtering. When you use multiple hashtags, the filter defaults to “OR” mode--so any Favorite with either hashtag will still appear. When you enable Match every hashtag it changes to “AND” mode--so only Favorites with both hashtags remain.

For example, you might tag all Favorites as either #hot or #warm or #cold. On a day when you only want to visit favorites that are warm or hot, adjust the hashtag section of the filter to read: #warm #hot, with Match every hashtag disabled.

Multiple Hashtags


Is a Filter Active? - if the Filter icon in Map or List view is solid raspberry color, there is an enabled Filter

Hashtags belong to Favorites, not Stops - add your hashtag to the note of the Favorite (as described above) not in the Stop notes, which are separate

There are no Stops on my Route? The Stops I just added are not showing up? - it is likely that you have a filter on that is hiding the stops. Tap the filter button in the upper right corner of the planner, then tap Clear all filters at the bottom.