Start your engines, getting started with Road Warrior is easy! Below are the first few steps to get you on your way.

STEP ONE: Add Stops

Video Tutorial

Enter Address

Click on the add location button and begin to type an address. Once you type in at least 6 characters, results will display. Select the address by tapping on it. A box will pop up to let you visually confirm the address. Select Add Stop.

The add location button is raspberry colored, and located near the bottom right corner of the screen.

Add location button

After you have entered the correct address, tap Add Stop to add it to your route.

Repeat this step for each of the Stops on your route.

If your start address is different from your current location, select the green flag to change your starting location.

Don’t know the address?

No problem! Just press and hold on the Map where you want your pin to be placed and click Add Stop. A red pin displays on the map to mark the Stop.

STEP TWO: Optimize

Once you've added all of your Stops, it's time to create the most efficient route.

Video Tutorial

Tap the "Get Route" button at the bottom of the screen to put the finishing touches on your route.

Get route button

The Get Route screen lets you adjust your optimization and route settings before you optimize. You can update your route's starting time and position, among several other settings.

Get route screen

Click the Optimize button at the bottom of the screen and Road Warrior's advanced algorithm will create the fastest route between the stops you've added, taking into consideration many different factors including traffic conditions and road speed and distance.

Once your route is optimized, a summary will appear on the screen indicating:

  • total travel time (driving time)
  • the total time (driving time plus service time for each stop)
  • total distance

You can find this info also by tapping the "Route Info" button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Optimized route

Your optimized route is displayed as a purple line between your stops.

Warrior Tip: The route path is designed to provide a high level overview of full route, but will not display turn-by-turn directions. Continue to Step Three to see how to use the Navigate button on each pin to get the exact details of how to drive to each stop.

STEP THREE: Navigate

Now that your route is calculated and displayed, it's time to drive to your first Stop!

Video Tutorial

Click on the first Stop on your route and select Navigate.

Navigate button highlighted

Your mapping app of choice will launch with the address pre-populated for navigation. The default is Google Maps and can be changed under Settings.

When you are ready to drive to your next Stop, close the map application and open Road Warrior to repeat the process.

Warrior Tip: If you have Android 7 or above, you can quickly switch back to Road Warrior by double tapping the Android task/overview button (the square button next to home/back).

Otherwise, the fastest way to move from your mapping app back to Road Warrior is to click your phone's back button a few times.

Check In At A Stop:

When you arrive at a stop, you can check in to the Stop to confirm that it is finished and keep track of your progress on the map.

To Check In a Stop, select the Stop and choose Check In.

Check in highlighted

The Stop pin now displays a check mark. This is useful for keeping track of which stops you have visited.

If the route is optimized again, the stop with a check mark will no longer be included in the route.

You can always remove the Check In by clicking on the Stop and selecting Restore.

Warrior Tip: Don't forget, when you optimize a route, any already Checked in Stops will not display on the route.