There are so many reasons to become a PRO user. Road Warrior makes your job easier with a small subscription each month or each year.

Save Your Data

New phone? No problem.

PRO users create a password-protected account that can login to on any Apple or Android device. Your data (routes, favorites, activity) is all saved in your account.

Save time with Bulk Uploads

Quickly upload up to 250 addresses a day through an online portal you can access from your phone or computer.

Analyze Your Routes

After finishing your day's route, PRO users can view all the information on the route using the Activity Report Tool. You can also download your data to a spreadsheet.

Larger Routes and Higher Limits

PRO users can optimize routes up to 120 stops (free users only 8). See the daily limits below.

*Total Daily Optimized Stops means the cumulative number of stops you optimize/re-optimize in one day. Max Route Size means the number of stops you have on a single route. Regardless of Total Daily Optimized Stops, your Max Route Size is 120 stops.

TIP on Route Size: You can create multiple routes to avoid exceeding the Max Route Limit. For example, if you needed to visit 200 stops, divide your stops into two routes of 100 each. This avoids exceeding the Max Route Size of 120.

TIP on Daily Optimized Stops: Very few Road Warriors get close to these limits with normal use. You can monitor your usage by observing the pop up counter that displays when you when you approach your limits. Also, in Settings, you can add a manual confirmation on optimizations to avoid optimizing accidentally.

How Much is PRO?

Pro is available for $5 per month or $50 per year in US Dollars. Check the GO PRO section of your App for prices in local currency for locations outside the US.

How do I Go PRO?

To sign up for a PRO subscription, click on GO PRO in the left hand side bar.

Select either a monthly or yearly subscription depending on your preference. If you are just new and trying out Road Warrior, we recommend you choose the monthly option. If you are already one of our thousands of happy warriors, then you may want to choose the yearly option for a 20% discount for committing to the longer term.

The next popup is help you understand how subscriptions work. This will be important should you want to update or cancel your subscription in the future. Note that you can always contact if you have further questions about managing your account.

After you have selected you subscription level, you will then be launched to Google Play to complete your subscription. Here you will choose your payment option and confirm your subscription. Once complete, you will again be returned to the Road Warrior app.

You now should have a PRO account. However, there is one more important step: Registering your username. It is optional to register, but we highly recommend you do this as this is only way you can log back into your account. This is important if you get logged out, reset your phone, or change phones.