Let's go.

Once you've created your route and optimized in Road Warrior, the next step is to Navigate.

After you've optimized, Road Warrior will show you the best Route based on your parameters--represented by the purple line.

Each Stop has a number associated with it to indicate the optimal order.


Warrior Tip: The purple line is only high level overlay. It is not a detailed path and not intended for actual navigation. Actual navigation is best left to your selected 3rd party navigation apps, which we will explain shortly.

You can also see the ordered Stops in more detail as a list in List View by tapping List at the top of the screen.

How to Navigate

From either List View or Map View, select your first Stop. A menu will pop up, you will see Navigate on the right side.


Tap Navigate, and RoadWarrior will automatically load your stop information into your navigation app, so you can get on the road ASAP.

Warrior Tip: You can change your default Navigation app at any time! Just open the side menu, tap Settings, and make sure Navigation Settings, is checked. Next time you tap navigate, tap Navigation App and make the change! Just make sure the app you want to use is installed on your device.


Warrior Tip: After you arrive at your stop, press the back button to quickly return to RoadWarrior

Once you're back in RoadWarrior, tap Check-In to keep track of your progress on the map.


Your Checked-In Stop will grey out and display a check mark. Tap Stop #2, and repeat these steps until your route is complete.

Warrior Tip: You can change your Settings for your next Stop to automatically pop up after you Check In. Just open the main side menu, tap Settings, then check off Pop Next Stop


General Navigation Settings are accessible in the Road Warrior app settings (Side Menu > Settings)


Here you can:

  • "Pop" the next Stop (automatically select the next Stop in your Route after Check In"
  • Display or Hide Navigate Settings
  • Display or Hide the Navigation Bar

    Navigate Settings pop up when you tap "Navigate" (if this menu does not pop up, make sure "Navigate Settings" is checked off in your General Settings)


    Warrior Tip: if you are happy with your setup, just tap "do not display this again" to proceed directly into Navigation (you can always bring this back in the general Settings page)

    Here you can:

  • Change your default navigation app
  • Change your navigation target
  • Change the screen that pulls up in Google Maps

    Warrior Tip: the Navigation Target determines whether we send the address or the coordinates of your Stop to your navigation app of choice, and may help you improve accuracy depending on your region. In general, we recommend Coordinate, especially in rural areas, as Address can be quite finicky. Some users in Urban areas prefer to use Address--if you are unsure, give both a test and see which works best for you.

    Default Settings

  • Navigation App: Google Maps
  • Navigation Target: Coordinate
  • GMaps Mode: Navigate Directly
  • Do not display this again ✓

    The Navigation Bar enables device notifications and allows you to check in/navigate to your next stops without having to go back to the RoadWarrior app.

    When you optimize a route or tap Navigate on a stop, an alert will show up in your phone's notification pane. Pull down from the top of your screen to view.

    Notification Widget


  • Forward/Backwards Arrows - cycle between the different stops in your routes (back arrow = previous Stop, forward arrow = next Stop)
  • Navigate - starts navigation to your current stop with your selected Navigation app
  • Check In - check in to your current stop
  • Close - close the route notification

    Advice for Truck Drivers

    Consider downloading an offline Navigator like Sygic Truck. Sygic has a truck friendly version and is optimized for offline navigation using TomTom maps.