Customize RoadWarrior to suit your needs with settings.

Settings Menu

You can access the app's general settings from the left sidebar menu.
The settings menu contains route default settings and general options.

Route Defaults

These are route-wide settings that you can use to customize how RoadWarrior works with you while you're on a route.

Stopover Time with Flow-Through

Stopover times are your estimates for how much time you will spend at each of your stops. This can range from a minute or two for couriers to hours for sales meetings. The more accurate you can be with your estimates, the more efficient RoadWarrior can be in optimizing your plan. You can use the settings menu to adjust your default Stopover times, which applies to new and existing routes. You can override the default stopover time on any stop or favorite from the edit menus on either. Overriding at the stop level overrides a favorite's stopover setting, providing flexibility with the locations you visit often.

Show Check-In Prompt

When enabled, an edit check-in screen pops up every time a stop is checked-in. This is useful because it allows you to record notes recapping the stop immediately after the stopover. Your Check-Ins are saved under the history section in the left sidebar menu.

Pop Next Stop

Automatically have the next stop on your route pop-up after you check-in at your current stop. You don't have to complete your route continuously while in this mode, close out of a stop anytime you need to. The next stop will only pop once with each check-in.

General Options

Distance Unit

Select Miles or Kilometers for all distances.

Stay Awake Mode

Stay Awake Mode allows you to keep your screen display on while using the Road Warrior app. Rather than having to unlock your phone while driving, the app will be continuously open. Keep in mind that this means that your phone will always be on and your battery will likely drain faster. Please use this setting according to your battery preference.

Sort Order

Sort order settings are in the upper right of all the list views (stops, routes, favorites, schedules, history). This affects the order that items in the list are shown in, which can be helpful for organizing your data.

Planner Sort Order

Routes Sort Order

Sort Order in the planner changes the order of your stops while in list view.

Sort by Order, Proximity will sort your stops by their stop order on the route, with your saved favorites sorted below by the distance from the route's departure point. Sort by Order, Name will sort your stops by the order of that route and favorites alphabetically. Sort by Proximity will sort your stops by their distance from the departure point. Sort by Name will sort your stops alphabetically.

The other lists in RoadWarrior can be sorted the same way.

Search options affect searching for new locations to add to RoadWarrior as a stop or favorite. You can access search options by initiating a search (tapping the raspberry (+) button in the planner or favorites list) and then tapping the settings button to the right of the search box.

Search Settings Button

Search Options include the sources that will be used to generate results when using Search Mode to add locations to your routes. Search is the most popular feature used in the app, type 6 characters to start generating auto-complete results to select from. If you don't see the address in the results, try adjusting your map's zoom, making sure your location is within the displayed area, then search again.

Default sources are web searches and saved favorites in your app.
Your permission is required before searching contacts on your device.

Seach Contacts will enable searching your Android contacts list for contact records containing full address information.