Pro users can sync to the server to access their data across multiple devices.

*Note: RoadWarrior Pro is not designed for multiple users on a single account, as uneven syncs will likely end up overwriting data.

Pro accounts Sync automatically every time a Route is optimized, and when the app is opened/closed.

Warrior Tip: You can manually sync at any time by tapping the Sync bar at the bottom of the left hand side bar, which displays the date and time of the most recent sync.

For example, to sync a route from Phone A to Phone B on your Pro account, take the following steps:

  1. Set up the Route on Phone A; tap Optimize or perform a manual sync.

  2. Open Phone B and do a manual sync. Now the route from Phone A will appear Phone B.


There are a few reasons why your sync might not be working as expected.

Logged-in to Different Accounts

Open the side menu and look for your Pro email address--make sure it's the same on both devices. If not, log out and log back in under the correct account.

basic account

Weak Internet Connection

Syncing requires the internet, and doesn't always happen without a strong connection. Try connecting to WiFi if you are using your phone's data plan.

Overwriting Data

Problems with overwriting data can occur if you make changes to the same Route on two different devices without syncing. Make sure to sync to both devices after you make changes before revising again.