Stop Display Color

RoadWarrior is charging into the new year with a burst of color. In the latest release on Android, you can edit stops to display in a variety of different colors, allowing you to visually identify locations and intuitively organize routes.
Favorites have also been updated with an improved picker and pass-through coloring for matching stop pins.

Search Mode

Our May release includes a redesigned and improved search experience. Designed to reduce clicks and increase action, Search Mode enables you to add multiple stops at once, visually verify with a fullscreen Search Mode map, and easily hop back to the Planner whenever you're done. You don't have to enter all of your route's stops in one go, but for those of you that do..

Search User Guide

Our spring update includes additional navigation options, giving users more control and flexibility in integrating with third party navigation apps. For full details, check out the newly updated:

Navigation User Guide

Favorites Update

Favorite icons have been updated with a distinct display, so you can easily distinguish favorites from stops in both map and list views. An added bonus is the ability to visualize favorites and stops for the same location on the map. For more details, see our:

Favorites User Guide